We offer all types of replicas of historical oboes since the beginning of  17th to 18th centuries.

Today, the historical performance of music with replicas of ancient instruments has been standardized the tuning in:

  • 392 Hz for baroque “french opera”.
  • 415 Hz for baroque.
  • 430 Hz for classical.
  • 435 – 438 – 440 Hz for the pitch of the second half of 19th century.

It has also adapted intervallic distance from the original of each instrument. Thus, we have modified copies of the original instruments preserved to meet the requirements of modern early music groups. However, we also provide copies with its original pitch (usually around 405 Hz) or modifications of classical baroque oboes and to be able to play at 440 Hz.

If you have an original oboe and want to make a copy, or there is one in particular in which you have interest, please contact us.