Basic Principles of the Baroque Oboe Learning

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For modern oboists, beginning to play the baroque oboe presents a confusing mix of familiar elements and new elements. With this manual I want to clear up the first doubts that arise when an experienced player, who usually comes from the modern oboe, begins to play the baroque oboe, historical oboe or hautboy as it is said in old English.

Today is the Saxon baroque oboe which has been standardized and extended, but it is not the only thing that has been standardized: tuning, temperament, fingering, materials, the way of making reeds, etc. Although we pretend, when we play the baroque oboe it is not sounding like it originally sounded in 18 century; nor we have the same ear, nor the same musical taste nor the conditions around our musical activity is the same.

This book will help you clarify the first questions you will be asking yourself as soon as you receive your copy of Baroque oboe.

by Guillermo Beltrán Plumed. Editorial Fusagrafia.

Text only in spanish.   English edition soon!

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